Sunday, Barnsbury

It’s been a couple of months now since I made the move from West London to North. And I have fallen head over heels for a wonderful part of town called Barnsbury. If you’ve ever been here – you’ll know why. Tucked away between Kings Cross, Highbury & Islington and Angel, Barnsbury reminds me of platform 9 and 3/4. Many people don’t really know of its existence and it’s a gateway to magical secrets and experiences. (More on those to follow in later posts). But for now let me tell you about the not-so-secret yet absolutely magical restaurant called Sunday.


You can get coffee in the queue to keep your hands warm

I once read a review that stated Sunday Barnsbury is the neighbourhood restaurant that everyone wishes they lived next door to’ and they really were right. So much so, that this place has queues out of the door every Saturday and Sunday. Long queues.

Sunday’s like the Berghain of Barnsbury. But with more food, and everyone gets in… eventually.

Throngs of people are willing to freeze at 9.15 on a February morning, waiting in line for brunch at Sunday. (I have actually seen people run to beat other people to the front of the queue before it opens at 9am on a Saturday morning). If that’s not dedication for a perfectly poached egg, I don’t know what is.

In our culture of instant gratification, queuing is annoying. Especially if you’re hungry / hungover / checking Instagram for real time food updates on the inside, dreaming of Deliveroo.

So is it worth the wait?


Brunch at Sunday isn’t for the faint hearted. Come hungry!

Without a doubt, Sunday is worth the wait. I do think they should build another one next door (hey, why not call it Saturday?) so that they can serve more people but I also think they should more accommodating to people in the queue. Once you’ve got your name on the clipboard, you’re not shown any “Sunday love” until you get inside. They could make more effort to serve tea and coffee to those who are waiting outside.

Once you’re in though, it’s all about the delicious and creative food options, alongside freshly roasted coffee. The menu changes weekly and is focused around fresh and seasonal ingredients. They are very friendly to gluten-free people and have the most amazing GF toast if you ask for it. I’ve eaten here a few times now and my favourite dish has to be the ham hock potato rosti with poached egg and rocket, picture below. They also serve Bloody Marys, bubbles and wine – so you can get your breakfast booze fix if that’s what you’re looking for.


Poached egg porn


TOP TIP: If you don’t fancy the weekend queuing malarkey or getting up early, why not try booking for dinner? They serve dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights – no queuing included. The buzzing little place is filled with candles and is a good option for an intimate dinner with friends or a date.


Courgette fritters with avocado, halloumi and poached eggs


Sunday Barnsbury
169 Hemingford Rd,
London N1 1DA

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Brunch, Lunch & Sundowners in L.A.

If blogs were books on a shelf, mine would be dusty by now. It’s been so long since I have written here! And it’s not that I’ve stopped thinking about food (or eating it for that matter) as my iPhone camera roll would tell you. The storage is full of food photos, so it’s time I started sharing some of the great places I have been lucky enough to go to over the past few months.

Now, if there was one place that would force a food blogger to fire up their blog again, it’s Los Angeles. The epicentre of avocado-based brunches and chia-dotted lunches. Where artisan coffee is followed by a hilltop run and 50 crunches. Los Angeles really is the mecca of inspirational healthy living. It may be famous for all the young starlets who move there hoping to see their names in lights, but L.A. is also famous for it’s relentless dedication to a healthier way of living. If a new superfood hits your local market, you can guarantee the Californians were already eating it last year. How do you think Jennifer Aniston looks so good at 46?!

It is with this hunger (literally) for healthy new tastes, that I touched down in LA. But with only one day to explore this amazing city, it was quite a whistle-stop tour. Here are the places I visited, and loved:

1. Breakfast @ Valerie – 9am

Valerie - LA

A beautiful little cafe in Echo Park that was recommended by our host. Order the omelette or scrambled eggs with will mushrooms and don’t leave without trying the avocado and chia seed salad. Honestly, salad for breakfast is the best! 

Valerie - LA - avocado salad

No morning would be right without a good coffee and the flat whites were excellent here. They also have a range of gluten-free cakes and muffins but they didn’t have gluten-free bread at the time of writing.

image image

2. Lassen’s Natural Food Store – 11am

Have you ever seen a shop with an entire aisle dedicated to cold press juice? Well I hadn’t either but Lassen’s Natural Food Store has one! Somehow this shop seems healthier than Whole Foods and I could have spent hours in there. If you’re in L.A, I highly recommend a trip to this shop – although you may exit having dropped $50 on juice…

image image

3. Lunch @ Lemonade – 2.30pm

After a morning spent shopping for hats, shoes, belts (you name it) we were hungry, hot and jaded. The yellow glow of  Lemonade, and all the treasure chests of salad that lay inside, couldn’t have been a better energiser! 

Lemonade is a chain of super healthy fast food restaurants born in L.A. Upon walking in you are given a tray and encouraged to shimmy along a long row of delicious looking salads. If this sounds too much like a school canteen for you, the salads on offer will certainly make you think otherwise. From chargrilled broccoli in a champagne dressing, to coconut infused chicken with butternut squash and pine nuts, the colourful salads don’t disappoint. They make Pret’s offering look positively grey in comparison.

Lemonade - LA

You can order up to six salads in one go, and that gives you a huge portion. So go with friends, order different salads, and taste a bit of everything. They also have hot dishes and cold proteins (chicken, tuna and lean steak) which you can add to the side of your order. Top this off with a huge glass of rose lemonade (or whichever flavour lemonade you fancy – I think they have about six) and you’ve got yourself a plate of salads fit for a king. It is expensive for a fast food joint, but OMG it’s good.


4. Soho House, L.A. – 7pm+

After more shopping and driving around the long, hot, colourful streets of LA, we arrived at Soho House for our evening plans. Once settled on the terrace of the thirty-somethingth floor, we toasted to the Californian sunshine with a large glass of rose, watching the sun disappear slowly behind the hills. And just when I was getting sad to say goodbye to the last ray of sunshine, the glowing lights of LA came alive – like hundreds and thousands of stars below us in the dark. The sun may have gone to bed but Los Angeles was certainly not asleep.


As we left, Soho House buzzed with excitement for the weekend and the sound of more drinks being ordered. L.A. may be a beacon of health but I was glad to see the city still had a strong appetite for a good gin and tonic. See you soon L.A., I really do miss you already!



The Good Life Eatery, Chelsea

High-end hippie food done very well. I absolutely love The Good Life Eatery. The post-gym bunny queue is usually quite long but the coffee, smoothies and delicious food is definitely worth the wait.

From almond milk flat whites to matcha lattes, smoothies and cold-pressed juices, The Good Life can quench any thirst. And if you’re not hungry when you get there, you will be when you see everything they have to offer on the menu!

The Good life Eatery, Chelsea

The Good life Eatery, Chelsea

We shared an avocado, quinoa, kale and roasted sweet potato salad with poached eggs and smoked salmon on gluten-free bread. I felt positively virtuous afterwards.

The Good life Eatery, Chelsea

We didn’t want to give up our table but we soon finished our coffees.

The Good life Eatery, Chelsea

So we ordered another round! Why not?

The Good life Eatery, Chelsea

And then couldn’t help but be tempted by all the gluten-free goodies on the way out. Brownies and even croissants on offer here. I’d never seen a gluten-free croissant before!


Although we felt sad leaving the hum of The Good Life and our lovely little table, I know I’ll be back very soon!

The Good Life Eatery,
59 Sloane Avenue,


There’s a secret little place in Notting Hill that gives you glow power. A few bites of their delicious raw and vegan delights will leave you beaming from ear to ear all day long. It’s a peaceful spot on Talbot Road called Nama

They serve foamy almond flat whites that make you go mmmmmmmmm.

Name Notting Hill coffee

And matcha lattes that make you go ahhhhhhhhh.

Matcha latte

They make oodles of noodles which are made of courgette. Spiralised into thick ribbons, covered in a light sauce of tomato and the freshest black olives – it felt like eating real pasta again! But better.

I am now a total courgetti spaghetti convert.

Raw courgetti spghetti at Nama

Their chilli is made from mushrooms, walnut, carrots and peppers, served with guacamole and corn chips! We tucked right in.

Chilli with guacamole at Nama

And how about a palate cleansing juice to finish?

Made with apple, kale, celery, cucumber and lemon my Sweet Green was just what it said on the…  jar. Sweet and so very green.

Green juice

I didn’t want to leave Nama, its calming ambiance and healthy treats. I just only wish it was open 24/7.

110 Talbot Road
W11 1JR
London – UK
+44 (0) 207 313 4638

Pineapple, blueberry, kale & almond milk smoothie

The mornings are getting brighter, the evenings are getting lighter and this is my favourite time of year! I’ve filled my fridge full of yummy fruit and veg which makes it easy to whiz up a smoothie, which is just what I crave on a sunny Saturday.

Today, I threw half a small pineapple, a handful of kale, a handful of blueberries and a large splash of almond milk into my NutriBullet and made the below in under a minute. Et voila!

Nutribullet green juice Nutribullet green juice Pineapple, kale, blueberry and almond milk smoothie

There’s a fresh prince in town: Bel-Air

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 21.30.15

It was one of those cold, grey February Saturdays when I went to the soft launch of Bel-Air – a new healthy food spot opening next week in Old Street, London. The smiling staff at Bel-Air and the sleek marble counter piled high with fresh, summer-style salads greeted me like a ray of Californian sunshine. It may have been drizzling in Shoreditch but the sun was shining in Bel-Air.

Bel-Air London

This bright new joint specialises in ‘feel good fast food’, prioritising ingredients that make you feel great rather than calorie-counting. The cold options include freshly poached salmon, Jerusalem artichoke salad, broccoli and almond slaw, slow roast aubergines with tahini and dukkah. These are ingredients designed to make you glow from the inside out.

Bel-Air London quinoa risotto with feta

The black quinoa risotto was delicious, and much lighter than a standard risotto thanks to the holy grain that is quinoa. Topped with crunchy pine nuts, sunflower seeds and feta cheese, I am now a total quinoa risotto convert. The concept may confuse a few Italians…

Bel-Air London lemon chicken

If you’re craving something more substantial, then Bel-Air’s Ancho Chill Braised Beef (also gluten-free) is heavenly tender and slow-cooked to perfection. With guacamole, lime, salad and fresh coriander you still feel light after eating it.

Bel-Air raw root vegetable saladd

I hear they are also doing ‘build your own breakfast pots’ which will include puffed quinoa, raw oats, along with buckwheat and almond milk porridge. I’ll certainly be going back to try those!

Bel-Air has reminded me about the joys of summer eating and I can’t wait to go back. It’s opening on the 16th March 2015. You can stalk them here and here.

See you in the sunshine.

54 Paul Street
London, EC2A 4LN

Be my gluten-free Valentine?

There are many gluten-free alternatives to most things these days. But bread, my friends, is always a huge disaster.

I’m very well acquainted with the dry, foamy impostors. In fact I have become so used to them, that on a recent date with the BF at newish Paleo restaurant ‘Pure Taste’ on Westbourne Grove I wasn’t at all excited by the gluten-free Garlic and Rosemary Foccacia bread that arrived with a creamy avocado butter on the side. But then I tasted it..

Warm, freshly baked and completely delicious, I was hooked on Pure Taste from the word bread.

Pure Taste, London - coconut bread

Then they brought out salmon canapes on spoons…


And silky Jerusalem artichoke soup with hazelnut and truffle…

Pure Taste, London

And scallops with apple and parsnip puree… so I was even more hooked.

Pure Taste, London

This was all swiftly followed by halibut with spinach, lemon and a generous handful of crunchy dukkah.

Pure Taste, London

And last but not least, guinea fowl with cavolo nero, maderia, prunes and their own ‘bread sauce’.

Pure Taste, London

If you live with intolerances and allergies or a restricted diet, this is the kind of restaurant you have been waiting for.

Pure Taste
115 Westbourne Grove
London, W2 4UP

Brunchin’ at Bills

Walking into any of the Bills restaurants is like rocking up at an old friend’s house on a Sunday afternoon. The atmosphere is always buzzing yet relaxed and everyone is so very welcoming – even at 7am, when they open for breakfast on week days. There aren’t many places this good open that early during the week, so Bills is ideal for a catch up with friends before work or a lazy meal here any other time! The menu is gluten-free friendly too, so you can enjoy smoked salmon and poached eggs on toast. Full allergen advice can be found here.

Take a friend, take your date, take your dog – Bills could be your new favourite local. (And don’t forget to try the sweet potato chips)…


Bills Restaurant
Kensington Arcade,
125 Kensington High Street,
W8 5SF

Banana Tree

I’ve always walked past Banana Tree without giving it much of a second glace. But a friend suggested eating there as their menu accomodates many food intolerances. Although noisy inside, Banana Tree really does cater for all sorts, including gluten-free, wheat-free, nut-free and dairy-free options. I had the Bun Bo Meaty Salad Bowl, which was filling but also refreshing thanks to spiralized cucumber, rice noodles and fresh chilli.

Banana Tree is a great place to go with a large group of friends. Don’t expect brilliant service, but you can certainly expect a satisfying and well-priced gluten-free meal in the heart of Soho.

Banana Kitchen - Soho

Banana Tree
103-109 Wardour Street,

Tanya’s Cafe Chelsea

Vegan? Gluten free? Organic? Tanya’s Cafe ticks very health box. In fact, everything that comes out of Tanya’s kitchen is completely raw and full of nutrients.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 14.58.10

A place for yoga bunnies to meet up post work out and nibble on seriously delicious and raw food, there’s a bit of hype around Tanya’s at the moment. And rightly so. The food is amazing! It’s not cheap – but it really is worth the price tag.

Raw Tacos at Tanyas Cafe Chelsea

We ordered the tacos, which were the tastiest tacos I’ve ever eaten. Guacamole, portobello mushroom ‘meat’ and salsa in a dehydrated taco.

This was followed by crunchy munchy cheesy kale chips and avocado with super-seed mix.

Tanyas 4

We skipped out of Tanya’s, satisfyingly full and glowing with raw-ness.

Tanya’s Cafe
35 Ixworth Place,

The Modern Pantry

If you like your juices freshly blended, your flat whites strong yet foamy, your bread gluten-free and your eggs perfectly poached, head to Clerkenwell for breakfast at The Modern Pantry. This place does a seriously good brunch.


We sat in the late Autumn sun outside and read the extensive menu, trying to decide which option we could leave out. Halloumi? Chorizo? Wilted spinach? In the end we just ordered them all!


Before the food came we ordered more coffees and a Matcha almond milk latte – basically superfood! Energised enough for our feast, we tucked into the breakfasts in all their glory.


This is now a firm favourite on my list, and very friendly to the gluten-free peeps. I’m already planning my next visit!


The Modern Pantry
47-48 Saint John’s Square
Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4JJ

Granger & Co.

There’s a good feeling about this easy-going Australian run joint. The menu has a strong selection of small plates which are great for sharing with friends, and more interesting than the usual bites to share. We had the shaved kohlrabi with taramasalata and ground sesame which was light and zingy, followed by the miso aubergine with fried tofu. I could eat that aubergine dish every day… For non-gluten free people, I hear the courgette chips are delicious too.

Granger & Co.
175 Westbourne Grove
London, W11 2SB

imageimage  image image

Courgette, Parmesan & Pecan Salad

This is a twist on a recipe I found in Ottolenghi’s wonderful cookbook ‘Plenty’. It’s really simple to make but looks impressive on any lunch table.


2 courgettes
4tbsp olive oil
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
30g basil leaves
80g Parmesan, sliced
8 roughy chopped pecan nuts
Salt and black pepper
Salad leaves
Edible flowers

To make the salad:

– Place a griddle pan on a high heat and leave it there until very hot.
– Cut the courgettes into 1cm coins, put them in a bowl and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper.
– Place the slices on the griddle pan and leave on each side for a few minutes. Once cooked, move to a mixing bowl, pour over the balsamic vinegar.
– When the courgettes have cooled down, add basil, the  parmesan and the pecans. Mix in your salad leaves and add an extra drizzle of olive oil.
– Transfer the salad to a serving plate and decorate with extra shavings of parmesan and edible flowers.


The Detox Kitchen

I’ve been following The Detox Kitchen on Instagram for a few months now, and each day I’m wowed by the beauty and simplicity of their tasty-looking dishes. Last Friday morning they posted a photo of their stuffed aubergines on a bed of rocket. Dotted with pomegranate jewels and flaked almonds, the aubergines looked so good that they sent me marching to The Detox Kitchen’s Kingly Street deli, where I met my great friend Jess for lunch.

I had the roasted aubergine with a selection of three salads which included celery, avocado, quinoa, cucumber, spinach, pumpkin seeds and tomatoes. It was all so DELICIOUS and accompanied by a green juice I finally see why everyone raves about this place. I’ll be back next week to try the raw beetroot and cacao brownies! 9/10

image imageimage imageimageimage

The Detox Kitchen
10 Kingly Street,

(Also in Harvey Nichols)


For some of the freshest, healthiest and yummiest food in London, look no further than Abokado. This delightful chain is now my favourite lunch place – and they have such a great selection of things to eat that you’ll never get bored – or pick the same lunch option again and again. My favourites include the wild brown rice and herb salad with avocado and a minty yoghurt dressing (pictured below) and their Super Omega 3 salmon sushi. In fact all the sushi options are so good that is is very hard to choose.


Abokado source all their fish ethically and sustainably, and they support British producers for their fruit and veg whenever possible. You can tell the high quality of all their ingredients as everything tastes so damn good! They support lots of charities too.

Abokado Sushi - The Hungry Crumpet

Last but not least, the story of Abokado is something a little special. It was set up in 2004 by a couple called Mark and Lindsay with a ‘crazy dream’ and a sincere love of food. They had been travelling in Australia and were overwhelmed by the fresh and tasty food options in Sydney, so they vowed to bring back this healthy food philosophy to the UK. Thank goodness they did! Abokado beats all high street competitors on taste and quality. And the staff are lovely and smiley too.

In fact, I’m off to buy some of their sushi right now. See ya! 8/10

Abokado Sushi - The Hungry CrumpetAbokado Coffee - The Hungry Crumpet

Find your nearest Abokado by clicking here.

El Bosc de Les Fades, Barcelona

“Want to come on an adventure?”

“A unique and magical place: a forest inhabited by strange trees, gnomes and other unexpected creatures.”

Bosc de les Fades

A bar attached to a wax work museum wouldn’t be my first choice. Isn’t that like going to the café at Madam Tussaud’s? But the description on the website of El Bosc de Les Fades is too bizarre to ignore. I had to see what this weird and wonderful drinking grotto was all about.

My adventure started an hour before I even got to the bar, as I couldn’t find it. I walked around Las Ramblas asking for ‘el bar en el bosque’ which didn’t get me very far. Perhaps it was my rusty spanish… Someone eventually pointed in the direction of the wax museum and led me to the woodland themed bar. Decorated with paper lanterns, trees, mini waterfalls, fairy lights, mirrors and the occasional creepy waxwork, El Bosc de Les Fades is certainly unique! Go for a caipirinha or two as the cocktails are pretty good here. It gets very busy after 8pm. 7.5/10

photo 3[1]

El Bosc de Les Fades,
Passatge Banca 5
Spain (El Barri Gòtic) 

+34 93 317 26 49

Melia Sky Hotel, Barcelona

If you’ve never been to Barcelona before and you want to get a good view, The Melia Sky Hotel in Poblenou isn’t a bad place to start. Towering above the rest of the city at 120 metres high, the hotel has 29 floors and 258 rooms – making it one of the tallest buildings in the whole of the city. But apart from being a great place to drink in the Barcelona skyline, this is a pretty sexy place to stay too. The hotel has two bars, a Michelin-starred restaurant, a swimming pool on the 6th floor, and was decorated on our arrival with beautiful leggy people sipping Cava.


We were staying on the 13th floor in one of The Level suites, which gave us access to complimentary drinks at the ‘The Level Lounge’ on the 25th floor  – although we were told we had arrived too late to go up there on our first night (it closes early for Barcelona at 11pm). The bedrooms are clean and modern, with at least 8 different buttons that change lighting and curtain combinations. A pane of glass separates the bedroom from the bathroom, which means you can almost* see the sea while having a bath. It was however only in the morning that I could fully appreciate the dizzying floor-to-ceiling view.

Breakfast on Level 25 was a delicious selection of mini things. Croissants, fruit compote, cereals, ham, cheese, smoked salmon and spanish omelette. You can help yourself to fresh Nespresso coffee and a selection of juices – or even have a glass of bubbly. The only downside is they don’t seem to replenish the breakfast very well, so you are better eating earlier rather than close to 11am when breakfast finishes. Buzzing from one too many Nespresso pods, we made our way down to check out the glimmering pool with its Balinese beds and own bar. This place is very cool, but so is the rest of Barcelona. It’s hard to leave the comfort of the hotel!


After a whole day of Gaudi-spotting and tapas-eating, it was lovely to come back to The Melia Sky and zoom up to the 13th floor, don fluffy white bath robes and head to the Yhi Spa with its jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. We were on the waiting list for the famous Dos Cielos restaurant on the 24th floor but apparently you need to book a month in advance, so we didn’t get to eat there. The staff were incredibly helpful at suggesting other places to eat and after a few drinks on the top floor we were ready to head out again and soak up more of beautiful Barcelona.

I quickly got used to life at Melia Sky Hotel after 4 nights and I was sad to leave. I didn’t even get to use the gym! 9/10 

meliaphoto 3photo 4

*If you’re tall enough… I’m not!

Melia Sky Hotel
Carrer de Pere IV, 272-286
08005 Barcelona

+34 933 67 20 50

Irati Taverna Basca, Barcelona

From my experience, the best places to eat are hidden away from tourists and rammed with locals. So I was very surprised to discover that the restaurant which had been recommended to me in Barcelona was not hidden away from tourists. In fact, it was merely a stone’s throw from the flashing lights and flower sellers of La Rambla.


Irati was however filled with locals at the bar, munching on the delicious looking tapas. We were starving and annoyingly they wouldnt let us have any tapas if we were eating in the restaurant. It’s tapas or restaurant. Confusing!

Anyway, we took our seats at the back and ordered a bottle of Rioja. Perhaps they saw the disappointed look on my face when they told me I couldn’t have tapas, as they brought over some stuffed olives wrapped in sardines – a very salty but tasty local snack. For starters we ordered: Homemade foie gras “mi-cuit” and Fried “txistorra” from Orio (mini chorizo sausages that were amazinggggg). The staff were also very helpful and quick to provide wheat-free bread to go with the foie gras.

For mains we had: Grilled aged beef tenderloin with artichokes, and Galician aged steak tartare. It was all delicious but  a bit of a meat feast! Perhaps you feel lighter and better by just eating the tapas, but it was lovely to have a table here. 7/10

Irati Taverna Basca,
Cardenal Casanas,
08002 Barcelona


+34 933 42 54 11

Julie’s Restaurant & Champagne Bar

This year I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday at Julie’s Restaurant & Champagne Bar. Nestled away behind Portland Road and a short walk from Holland Park tube station, the restaurant is somewhat of an institution in the area and has been open since 1969.


Set over two floors, Julie’s has the most wonderful atmosphere. Ottoman furniture, fairy lights, antiques and treasure chests all contribute to the decor, with windy staircases and tapestry curtains revealing secret party rooms. I chose the Garden Room as it had the best lighting and was the right size for a party of between 24 and 34. Throughout the planning process, the staff at Julie’s were absolutely amazing and very helpful – down to the finest details. After a prosecco reception in the Moroccan Room, our menu (£25 for two courses) was as follows:

Soup of the day
Fried calamari with garlic and caper mayonnaise
Potted duck and chicken liver pâté with cornichons and chillies
Chicory, walnuts and Roquefort salad with croutons and herb dressing

Julie’s fish pie with whiting, prawns, scallops, mussels, spinach and cream sauce
Julie’s steak and kidney pie braised in honeydew ale
Crispy skin chicken breast with black truffles, French beans and white Port sauce
Filled potato gnocchi with dolcelatte, walnuts and black truffles
All served with fresh vegetables

Summer fruit Eton mess
Dark chocolate parfait with berries
Pineapple and mint salad with orange sorbet
English and French cheese with tomato and sweet chilli jam and oat biscuits

The lovely staff produced a gluten-free menu for me at the last minute, so I had delicious tuna sashimi as a starter, followed by the chicken in a truffle and port sauce. The food was heavenly and the service was seamless. I really can’t fault the restaurant one bit, and I’m really looking forward to my next visit. Thank you Julie’s!

P.S: My leopard-print handbag was a present, designed and handmade by my very talented friend Lara Lindsay. Click here to visit her website.

photo 2 photo 3photo 1 photo 4

Julie’s Restaurant and Champagne Bar
135 Portland Road
W11 4LW

0207 229 8331

Fernandez & Wells

There’s a magical feeling about May weekday evenings in Soho. As creatives and business types spill out of their offices and onto the sun-soaked streets, bars and restaurants in Soho are in their element. One of my favourite places to get a drink, and a good spot on the cobbled streets is at Fernandez & Wells on Lexington Street.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 09.48.14

The place is small, so you’ll be lucky to get a seat after 6pm. But the tapas and drinks are so good, it’s worth clinging onto the end of the bar for their parma ham. In fact everything there is delicious, but my favourite bar snack is the chorizo and manchego cheese served with crusty bread and olive oil. 9/10


Fernandez & Wells
43 Lexington Street

Raw Chocolate Brownies

I am a lazy chef. But when I do cook, I like to throw simple and delicious things together. So when I came across this recipe for brownies on My New Roots I couldn’t believe that there were only FOUR main ingredients and not one of them included eggs, sugar or flour. Also, they claimed, the brownies didn’t even need cooking. It seemed too good to be true.

The only four ingredients I used are: 100g Raw Cacao, 100g Medjool Dates, 100g Walnuts, 1 tablespoon of Desiccated Coconut (a slight variation from the recipe I found online). I whizzed the ingredients together in a blender until the mixture looked like cake crumbs and then I pressed it all into a heart shaped cake tin. I then left it over night in the fridge… et VOILA. The most delicious brownies I have ever eaten.

It’s a complete bonus that they are super healthy and incredibly easy to make!

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 16.58.03

Flat Planet

Wheat-free pizza doesn’t get much better than this. The crusts are thin, the toppings are generous and you leave feeling full yet somehow angelic.

Flat Planet is one of my favourite lunch places in Soho. The staff are really friendly too and happy to help you pick which organic spelt pizza is more delicious than the next. My favourite is the El Diablo… with extra chilli. 7/10

39 Great Marlborough St


Dirty Bones

dirty bones

All the best places should be found without Google. It’s much more fun to stumble across a gem of a new hangout spot – which is exactly what happened when I chanced upon Dirty Bones on Monday night while walking down Kensington Church Street. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn in by the large neon signs and a menu only listing ‘HOT DOGS… FRIES… POP’. Oh and the sign that read: “High fives and Good Vibez”… (who doesn’t like those things?!)

Downstairs, there’s a warmly lit speakeasy vibe and we were greeted by a hostess at a vintage pinball machine who seated us on some very squishy leather armchairs. Unfortunately I’d just eaten so had no room to sample the hot dog, ribs and wing-fuelled menu but it looked… filling! Hot dogs smothered in caramelised onions with BEER cheddar, treacle bacon, curried gherkins and english mustard. Perhaps not the best place to take a first date, and certainly not if your first date is a vegetarian. And the dessert menu includes ‘Milk & Cookies’, next to ‘Coffee & Doughnut’… not sure about those options myself.

high fivesAnyway, we stuck to the drinks menu and had a lovely time. I won’t rush back to try the food but I’m sure it’s ideal when you’ve had a few too many dog-themed cocktails. ‘Mutt’s Nuts’, ‘Top Dog’, ‘Down Boy’ and ‘101 Dalmations’ to name a few. Expect: Hot dogs, triple cooked chips, ambient lighting, loud music and cocktails in nice glasses. 6.5/10

20 Kensington Church Street
London, W8 4EP
0207 920 6434
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Patty & Bun

photo 2“Burger lovers rejoice! Joe Grossman (the unstoppable force behind the juciest burgers in London) has opened a second restaurant.”

Sitting across the road from McDonalds on Liverpool Street, Joe isn’t afraid to show them who’s boss. The new location might come as a surprise to many Soho-thrill-seekers, but Patty & Bun is exactly what the area needs to break up the homogeneity of sandwich and sushi places.

Expect: banging burgers, rosemary chips, crunchy spicy slaw, and a soundtrack to make you forget you’re in London, at lunch time… and you have to go back to work. 8/10

Patty & Bun, 22/23 Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7PD

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The Shed

“Notting Hill, despite its central location, is a dead zone for good restaurants. Well at least it was until The Shed opened its charming blue doors in October 2012.”

Goats cheese and honeySet up by Oliver and Richard Gladywn, the concept for The Shed is simple: locally sourced sustainable produce with little waste. They put together a daily-changing menu of delicious tapas-style sharing plates photowith many of the ingredients hailing from their family farm in Nutbourne, West Sussex.

The menu can be a little confusing on your first visit. ‘How big are the ‘Mouthfuls?’ ‘How many dishes should we order?’ Luckily the friendly lumberjack-shirt-wearing staff are always eager to talk you through every plate on the menu. I would recommend 3-4 dishes each if you’re not too hungry but 5 will fill you nicely if you’re ravenous!photo 2

Favourites on the current menu: Chorizo, labneh, crisp bread and kale (£8), Lamb chips with harissa (£7.5), Wood pigeon with port (£9), Veal ragu and tagliatelle (£8.5), Pan fried goats cheese (£6.5), Spatchcock quail (£8.5). The desserts are excellent if you have room.

The Shed is a truly special place taking British produce and London dining in an exciting direction. Book ahead to avoid disappointment. 8/10

The Shed Restaurant
122 Palace Gardens Terrace,
London, W8 4RT

Call: 0207 229 4024