For some of the freshest, healthiest and yummiest food in London, look no further than Abokado. This delightful chain is now my favourite lunch place – and they have such a great selection of things to eat that you’ll never get bored – or pick the same lunch option again and again. My favourites include the wild brown rice and herb salad with avocado and a minty yoghurt dressing (pictured below) and their Super Omega 3 salmon sushi. In fact all the sushi options are so good that is is very hard to choose.


Abokado source all their fish ethically and sustainably, and they support British producers for their fruit and veg whenever possible. You can tell the high quality of all their ingredients as everything tastes so damn good! They support lots of charities too.

Abokado Sushi - The Hungry Crumpet

Last but not least, the story of Abokado is something a little special. It was set up in 2004 by a couple called Mark and Lindsay with a ‘crazy dream’ and a sincere love of food. They had been travelling in Australia and were overwhelmed by the fresh and tasty food options in Sydney, so they vowed to bring back this healthy food philosophy to the UK. Thank goodness they did! Abokado beats all high street competitors on taste and quality. And the staff are lovely and smiley too.

In fact, I’m off to buy some of their sushi right now. See ya! 8/10

Abokado Sushi - The Hungry CrumpetAbokado Coffee - The Hungry Crumpet

Find your nearest Abokado by clicking here.


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