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Dirty Bones

dirty bones

All the best places should be found without Google. It’s much more fun to stumble across a gem of a new hangout spot – which is exactly what happened when I chanced upon Dirty Bones on Monday night while walking down Kensington Church Street. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn in by the large neon signs and a menu only listing ‘HOT DOGS… FRIES… POP’. Oh and the sign that read: “High fives and Good Vibez”… (who doesn’t like those things?!)

Downstairs, there’s a warmly lit speakeasy vibe and we were greeted by a hostess at a vintage pinball machine who seated us on some very squishy leather armchairs. Unfortunately I’d just eaten so had no room to sample the hot dog, ribs and wing-fuelled menu but it looked… filling! Hot dogs smothered in caramelised onions with BEER cheddar, treacle bacon, curried gherkins and english mustard. Perhaps not the best place to take a first date, and certainly not if your first date is a vegetarian. And the dessert menu includes ‘Milk & Cookies’, next to ‘Coffee & Doughnut’… not sure about those options myself.

high fivesAnyway, we stuck to the drinks menu and had a lovely time. I won’t rush back to try the food but I’m sure it’s ideal when you’ve had a few too many dog-themed cocktails. ‘Mutt’s Nuts’, ‘Top Dog’, ‘Down Boy’ and ‘101 Dalmations’ to name a few. Expect: Hot dogs, triple cooked chips, ambient lighting, loud music and cocktails in nice glasses. 6.5/10

20 Kensington Church Street
London, W8 4EP
0207 920 6434
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